Our Historical Rainforest Tour Celebrates a New Beginning

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Kuranda Riverboat


Cruise the tranquil waters of the Australian tropical rainforest, and immerse yourself in the flora, fauna and history of the Barron River. Then, take a scenic walk through a secluded rainforest clearing and experience the wonders of the ancient rainforest.

Hop aboard the Kuranda Riverboat and cross the Barron River to the newly reopened Paradise Kuranda Guided Rainforest Walk for an unforgettable experience.


A Step Back in Time

Part of the popular rainforest trail dates back to the 1920s. Dan Duggan established the very first tour, with his attraction, “The Maze”. The tour was then later renamed as “Paradise”. A highway did not exist in the area at the time, so Mr Duggan would row tourists across the river, in all their finery and eager to experience the beauty of the Australian tropical rainforest.

According to Melissa Clinton of Kuranda Riverboat, this particular tour ceased in the 1950s.

The original owner of the Kuranda Riverboat business, Brian Clarke, started a rainforest walk across the river in the late 1980s, which continued for about 10 years.


Paradise Kuranda Guided Rainforest Walk


The Tours Today

The tours today consist of either a scenic 45 minute calm water cruise along the Barron River in Kuranda or a one hour guided rainforest walk followed by tea, coffee and cake.

The newly reopened Paradise Kuranda Guided Rainforest Walk does not actually take place on the original “Paradise” property. However, the current trail was historically used as the beginning of the walk toward “Paradise”.

The trail where the tour takes place has been tidied and improved for its reopening. This includes the rebuilding of the little bridge in the forest and the replacing of handrails.

In order to participate in the guided rainforest walk you will board the Kuranda Riverboat and be taken across the river to a secluded clearing.  Your guide will accompany you on an established forest trail where you will be shown many examples of tropical rainforest trees, vines, lianas and ferns. You may even spot a cassowary amongst the bushes.

At the end of the guided rainforest walk, there is a natural spring within the maintained clearing, where you will be served light refreshments before boarding the Kuranda Riverboat again to return to the village.

Whilst enjoying a cruise on the Kuranda Riverboat you will see a host of wildlife such as freshwater crocodiles, snakes, fish, turtles, water dragons and tropical birds.  Your local tour guide will share his knowledge of the unique area while you take in the beauty of the rainforest and take advantage of the great photographic opportunities on the river.


Paradise Kuranda Rainforest Tour


Tour Details

The Kuranda Riverboat Tour and Paradise Kuranda Guided Rainforest Walk operate five cruises and five rainforests walks per day, seven days of the week. They can accommodate group bookings and special tours outside of their normal tour times.

The Kuranda Riverboat can also be hired for small wedding ceremonies. Alternatively, sail across to the other side of the river and hold your wedding ceremony in a private and secluded area of the unique tropical rainforest. The company can organise witnesses for an elopement, as well as accommodation.

Get together with a group of friends and celebrate a special occasion aboard The Kuranda Riverboat for a cruise on the Barron River. BYO food and drinks, and celebrate with a minimum of 10 adults for the cruise.

Book your guided tour online. Cash only is accepted on the boat to save time and ensure the tour departs on schedule.

For more information regarding bookings, email tours@kurandariverboat.com.au, or call on +61 412 159 212 or +61 7 4093 0082.


Kuranda Riverboat

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