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Artists and craftspeople live in and gravitate to Kuranda where they work from home studios and market stalls to create unique pieces, which are often inspired by the lush landscape, or the encircling mountains surrounded by the World Heritage tropical rainforest. Kuranda is home to an extraordinary number of potters, painters, photographers, glass and craft workers, masters in wood, jewellery designers and fabrics.

Aboriginal culture has survived in Australia for over 60,000 years. The Djabugay tribe who live here have strong ties to this land and there was fear and trepidation when a steady stream of European settlers from the south moved up to Kuranda in the 1970s. Art and music became a unifying force and mutual respect and understanding grew over the years.

Kuranda Village has a range of shops and galleries in Kuranda that feature art, fine art, photographs, jewellery and pottery. Meet artists in their galleries and watch craft demonstrations and take the time to soak up the ambiance during your visit.

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