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Choosing how to spend a day in Kuranda is easier with the new Kuranda Visitor Guide which has a great map of the village and lists all the attractions. Your day might include dressing up in a kimono for photo opportunities around the markets or donning a cowboy hat and jumping on a horse. Discover the creatures that disguise themselves against the colours of the rainforest and make sure you meet Kuranda’s new koala joey.

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With two markets, streets lined with shops, galleries and cafes, rainforest walks and almost a dozen attractions, deciding what to do in Kuranda can be tricky. The New Kuranda Map & Visitor Guide shows what the village has to offer and has a suggested itinerary in English, Chinese and Japanese. Pick it up at the Kuranda Visitor Information Centre today.

Dress up Japanese-style in Kimonos which can be hired at Hayabusa of Kuranda, the Japanese sweets and snack stall in the Original Rainforest Markets. Ben and Miwako have imported the traditional garments to give visitors a photo opportunity while they stroll around the market, just like the ladies in Japan. A tea ceremony and luggage storage is included. Check them out on Facebook.

Discover your inner cowboy on horseback and on an all-terrain vehicle at KUR-Cow Barnwell. Feed the cattle on a hay ride to learn about the different breeds and then savour the flavour of each with a beef tasting platter at the restaurant. Watch a show of bushman’s skills and meet the friendly working dog who can run all day.

Vegans can order a raw pizza in Kuranda at Fruibies which specialises in plant-based whole foods including wraps, smoothies and ‘nice’ cream. Dark chilli fudge is one of the many wicked flavours of homemade fudge at Kuranda Fudge Bar in the Kuranda Village Shopping Centre.

Animals in disguise, Koala joey on show in Kuranda & More

Rainforest creatures are the masters of disguise as part of their battle for survival. Both colour and shape help animals like the spiny-legged katydid in this picture blend in with the tree. Its camouflage is so good that visitors to Skyrail’s Red Peak often walk past them, unless they are on a free guided ranger tour. Visit Skyrail website to see what all the fuss is about.

Monte Carlo, the sweetest koala joey at Rainforestation Nature Park, has emerged from mum Vovo’s pouch at the age of eight months and is putting on a show for visitors by crawling all over his four-year-old mother. Dad Sunny was on loan from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as part of the captive breeding program. Check out what else is super cute at Rainforestation website.

The Billabong stars in the new Qantas Start your adventure to Tropical North Queensland promotion. Check it out here!

Download the Kuranda Scenic Railway app to listen to the commentary during your journey through Barron Gorge. It’s available in five languages and can be found on website.

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