Kuranda Kneecare with Satya

Kuranda Kneecare with Satya provides you with the opportunity to “Walk through Life with Greater Freedom and Confidence”. Based in Kuranda’s Original Rainforest Markets, Satya delivers his treatments with a focus on improving your flexibility and range of movement, whilst reducing aches, stiffness, burning sensations and pain.

With more than 40 years’ experience of gifted creative holistic Remedial Therapy and Coaching, his services range from a gentle foot rub or back rub, to provide relief from tension and anxiety, to treating specific injury / body part treatments, with a special interest in knee care.

Through his project Kuranda Kneecare, Satya provides tuneups for ‘dicky knees’. Drawing on his experience of a range of modalities and techniques to deliver optimum movement outcomes for clients, enhancing their confidence and freedom of movement, and maximising wellbeing and lifestyle opportunities.

In doing this, Satya focusses on lower back, hips, knees and ankles/feet of those with degeneration, accidents, pre or post-surgery or perhaps have been walking more than usual on their holidays and just feel the need of some therapeutic loving care.

His other special interest is with Expansion – assisting clients who practice disciplines such as yoga, martial arts, pole dance, circus, gymnastics to open and expand their balance and flexibility.

Appointments are given priority and can be arranged by calling 0425 411 545 or drop in to see Satya at Kuranda’s Original Rainforest Markets.

Middle Street, Kuranda Original Rainforest Markets

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