The Magical Lane

Uncover the secrets to finding the fairys at The Magical Lane, located in Kuranda’s Original Rainforest Markets. This magical place has been designed by fairies, to show people young and old how to connect to nature and live a magical life. It’s more than a fairy shop, it’s a place for magical adventures, dancing with fairy dust and taking quests of fun discovery.

There are two elements to The Magical Lane experience. The first is The Quest which is taken in the secret fairy garden. Children follow the clues to find the maps, scrolls and keys to the treasure chests. Along the way they learn about how to look after nature and connect with the natural world we live in. Complete The Quest to take home a fairy, or a glowing tree spirit and a wish as your prize. The Quest lasts between 20-30 minutes. Maximum of 6 children per Quest. Cost is $20 per child.

For a full experience book in to one of our magical Tea Parties. There are handmade costumes to borrow and wear, flower crowns, Fairy Tea (made of flowers) and a wishing well. Tea Parties include The Quest and every child takes home a fairy, or a glowing tree spirit and a wish. Along the way they’ve danced, laughed and learned new ways to care for and connect with our natural world. Tea Parties last 1 hour and can be conducted at 10am – 12pm – 2pm. Advance bookings are essential. Maximum of 10 children / minimum 2 children. Cost is $30 per child. Talk to us about birthday parties too.

The Magical Lane welcomes people of all ages to explore and looks forward to see you soon.

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