Kuranda Opals

Kuranda Opals is a family run business in the tropical north of Australia in the ranges above Cairns. We have been cutting and polishing Opals for thirty years and selling them in Kuranda for 22 years.

Opals are Australia’s National Gemstone and we supply 96% of the worlds Opals. The fire in the Opal comes from white light being refracted through water molecules. Red is the rarest colour then orange, yellow, green, blue and then purple. The rarest type of Opal is black Opal or dark Opal then boulder Opal and then white Opal. White Opal sometimes has a dark backing glued to it and is called a doublet, sometimes it also has a glass cap and is called a triplet.

Large flash patterns of colour are more valuable than small points. The Native people of Australia say Opal comes from the flying Rainbow Serpent.

2/13 Therwine St, Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

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