Coral Coast Leather

At Coral Coast Leather, we handcraft and stock a wide selection of quality Australian leather goods including belts, wallets, hats and exotic skins. All products are made in Australia and have been either handcrafted in Kuranda or sourced from other businesses who have a shared passion for producing quality goods. The skins used for our products have been ethically sourced and include Australian saltwater crocodile, kangaroo and cowhide.

At Coral Coast Leather we source our Australian saltwater crocodile skin from a local farm and transform it into belts, wallets, coin purses and more. We use the Hornback Leather and Belly Skin, which have two very distinct and different textures. To maximise sustainability we also have a taxidermy product range. These can be purchased at our store in Kuranda and either taken away on the day, or we can arrange shipping and freight.

Other stock includes kangaroo leather belts and hats, as well as skins and throws and quality cowhide leather belts. There are wallets, handbags, keyrings, hat bands, coin purses, back scratches and more. Coral Coast Leather is located at 1/9 Coondoo Street and is open 7 days a week, or you can buy from our online shop and website.

1/19 Coondoo St, Kuranda QLD 4881

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