Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Expert are 5th generation family business as hand made cattle horn carvers that make Keratin combs.

86 different styles of grooming combs all having different leaves of Keratin grades that is Anti-static that closes the cuticle scale that pull grease balancing from top of your hair to the bottom making your hair instant softer with incredible silkiness & super shine.

Horns are cut 15 cm from the the head of the cattle so that totally NO cattle are harmed in the removal of the horn. Cattle will keep growing their horn and it’s like cutting your own fingernails & they keep growing. We will cut the horn 4 times from the cattle to allow us to make combs and also viking mugs, horn plates, spoons, key rings & much more!

Our Keratin combs can totally look after every type of hair from extremely dry hair to the more greasiest & to the finest.  Combs available are:

  • Water Buffalo: gives semi soft, semi shiny & semi silky hair.
  • Longhorn Cattle: unisex, makes hair like velvet softness with super shine and great for men.
  • Brahman Cattle: the only cattle comb that is Neutral Keratin grade, great if you have more girls in the family, can suit all hair allowing to groom all girls with one comb.
  • Dairy Cow: really it’s a grease pulling comb, great for young under 10 years of age and girls.
  • Highland Cattle: one of the most amazing combs that if your hair is bleached & you love to keep colour it will change your cuticles scales & make them extremely tight that uses your grease to help protect the scale to keep colour more brilliant. This comb will make your heavy hair lighter in weight at the ends of your hair, repairing split ends & softens your hair tips.
  • Ox Buffalo: the best of the best high Keratin grades, extremely highest shine, highest softness, highest silkiness, most repairing & growth.  Very relaxing grooming with massage prongs.
  • Merino sheep combs: we call them a 10 second comb for super dry hair or Asian hair, will soften hair that is the most driest hair that is bleached time & time again. Use a straightener or got damaged hair. Merino combs can be used in wet, dry, bleached, hardened hair.  You can kill your hair & the lanolin with the Keratin will instantly soften your hair.  3 different levels of Merino sheep combs are available.
  • White Merino sheep: extremely high in lanolin for the driest hair with low-medium in Keratin.
  • Coloured Merino Sheep: medium in lanolin for softer silkier hair, medium-high in Keratin for semi dry hair.
  • Black Merino Sheep: low in lanolin and extremely high in Keratin.  The perfect softness, extremely high shine &  amazing in silkiness.  Tt’s the best in the Merino combs.

If your interested in seeing or knowing how our beautiful hand made horn combs will change your hair with in seconds, come to our shop & chat with Ed.

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