Visitor Information – Wildlife

A wealth of Australia’s native animals, birds and butterflies can be closely observed in the magnificent habitats in and around the Village. For nature in the wild you may take time to enjoy a jungle walk, a peaceful stroll along the river Esplanade or a boat trip on the river.

The tropical forest environment is home to many unusual birds: binoculars and keen hearing will bring this world to life. If the gods are smiling, a glimpse of a friendly harmless fresh water crocodile, a playful platypus and a green tree snake will surely reward the observant visitor.

Take time to wonder at the magnificence of the superb fig trees lining the main street of the Village. Gaudy parrots, argumentative yellow fig birds, and the luminescent blue Ulysses butterfly are easy to spot among the ferns and orchids crowding the canopy of these big trees. Watch for “thick-knees”, long legged and chattering looking for nesting sites in the council car park.

Some lovely gardens and small parks in and around the Village reward the walkers with colour and bird song. Look for lizards warming up in patches of sunshine. Time for a coffee of course … there’s always time in Kuranda.

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