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There are many talented people living in and around Kuranda who have escaped the frenetic demands of city life in order to follow their muse. Perhaps it is something in the air, the lush beauty of the countryside and the encircling mountains that have a strong pull. Whatever it is, Kuranda is home to an extraordinary number of potters, painters, photographers, glass and craft workers, Masters in wood, jewellery and fabrics. Their work is on display in many of the shops, galleries and markets in the village, and it is possible to see work in progress.

Aboriginal culture has survived in Australia for over 40,000 years. The Djabugay tribe who live here have strong ties to this land and there was fear and trepidation when a steady stream of European settlers from the South moved up to Kuranda in the 1970s. Art and music became a unifying force and mutual respect and understanding grew over the years.

The pace of life is slower in Kuranda and there is the time and the will to learn and grow in a chosen artistic endeavour. Garden design and unusual houses suited to a tropical, leisurely lifestyle contribute to the amazing outpouring of art, poetry, music and goodwill. Take the time to soak up the ambiance during your visit.

Kuranda Village has a range of fabulous shopping / retail opportunities, including specialist arts and crafts shops and galleries. With a number of artists living and working locally, you can purchase a unique piece of art and craft from the markets or at one of the stores. Open daily.

Kuranda: Arts and Crafts Galleries

Doongal Aboriginal Art & Artefacts

Doongal Aboriginal Art hosts a stunning collection of local Aboriginal Rainforest Art as well as artwork from Central Australian Aboriginal artists.

Peter Jarver Gallery

The Peter Jarver Gallery is a beautiful, iconic art gallery in the heart of Kuranda. The gallery features Peter Jarver’s spectacular panoramic landscape photographs of Australia, as well as a stunning collection of dramatic skyscapes.

Terra Nova Gallery

Terra Nova Gallery is an unique gallery displaying special and affordable artworks from local Australian and International artists. Each room features pictures and prints of Australian, African influence, modern art and many more themes.

Kuranda Arts Cooperative

The Kuranda Arts Co-operative Gallery is a fine arts and crafts centre that provides a rare opportunity for visitors to view a diverse range of unique and innovative works by local professional artists.

Other Kuranda: Arts and Crafts Galleries

  • Australis Art Gallery – Stunning selection of vibrant, colourful paintings, blown glass, sculptures, reflecting the beauty of our environment by leading Australian Artists. Ph: (07) 4093 8572
  • Ian Stephens Fine Art Gallery – An explosion of colour to excite the senses. Vibrant silks, dichroic jewellery and originals by leading artist Ian Stephens. Great range of prints, glass & gifts. Ph: (07) 4093 7223
  • David Stacey & Ric Steininger Gallery -Local Kuranda artist renowned for his representation of the natural environment. His paintings and illustrations are a must see. Also presenting Ric Steiningers stunning photographs.  For lovers of fine art. Ph 4093 8117
  • Didi La Baÿsse Art Studio & Gallery – A beautifully presented and delightful working studio with original paintings and unique ‘Objets d’art’ created on location by flamboyant Kuranda artist Didi La Baÿsse.  Ph 0407224459

For more information on Kuranda’s arts and crafts stores, please contact the Visitor Information Centre on (07) 4093 9311 or info@kuranda.org

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